• Prototype 1 - Phil testing in bed position. Jan 2009.

  • Design 1. Sept 2009 - Apr 2010.

  • Prototype 3. Jan 2011.

  • Prototype 4. Nov 2011.

Research & Development

Originally invented and designed by Clem Thorn of Dezign Imagineering Ltd, the YouBike’s™ journey from initial concept to market has been a 3 year journey involving many skillful and talented people along the way. We would like to thank everyone involved who helped turn our dream into reality.

Building various prototypes to prove the YouBike™ in a real world environment was critical to understanding how the product performed along with documenting usability and monitoring the parameters.

2D and 3D drawings of the YouBike™ design, provided by WelTech Connect who carried out extensive development work. WelTech Connect’s Andrew’s Rogers engineering and product development experience was crucial and invaluable. As were WelTech Connect’s connections with local industry, which worked on prototyping, machining and powder coating solutions.

YouBike™ is now a lightweight, modern piece of exercise equipment that can be used in a bed or with a wheelchair. It is the only exercise bike in the world that can do this and be light enough for many users to manage on their own.

Below are some early prototype and test photos of the YouBike™ during its research and development stages.

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