Phil Thorn

Congratulations to Phil Thorn, the inspiration for the YouBike, who has been named a finalist for the Attitudes Award Courage in Sport 2013 Sponsored by WestPac.

Winners will be announced at a black tie three course dinner on Tuesday 3 December at the Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland Viaduct.  The event begins at 6pm with pre-dinner drinks followed by entertainment and announcement of winners.

Click on the image above or Attitude Awards 2013 to view the award ceremony. (Phil’s nomination clip starts at 24.52). Congratulations to all nominees.

See all the Attitude Award Finalists 2012

See Phil’s story whilst training for the Taupo Bike Challenge 2013 (Phil’s story starts at 03:25)

See a map of the Taupo Cycle Challenge Race Course 2013


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