Phil Thorn Taupo Cycle Challenge

To help celebrate Deafblind Awarenss Week we would like to invite you to a special fundraising even for Phil Thorn, the inspiration of the YouBike™.

Join us for an evening of tantalised taste buds! For dinner we will serve 4 exquisite dishes that you cannot see, but can touch, smell & of course taste. And if you’re able to guess the ingredients in each dish, you may come away with a prize or 2!

Come and meet Phil Thorn who will be there to tell you more about his journey and his goals for 2013 and beyond.

This is a special fundraising, awareness raising and New Zealand Sign Language interpreted event. We look forward to seeing you.

FUNDRAISING GOAL – To help purchase the tandem cycle (pictured) for the upcoming Attitude Award 2013 which Clem will be participating.

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